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This wiki includes history, elements, and examples of Sci-Fi or science fiction films. These films are fantasized and some examples include the Star Wars series, 2001 A Space Odyssey, and The Incredible Hulk.

Sci-Fi films elementsEdit

Science Fiction films utilize fantasized worlds that are often in the future. They also usually include logic premises, by which the film viewer must be taught how this fantasy world is different from his/her world and accept it as a reality of the film world. One example of this is in the film The Matrix where (spoilers) the viewer must accept that the real world is ruled by robots and most people live in a fake world called the matrix. This can cause the viewer to question their reality and it is a common theme in Sci-Fi films. Many times these films have strong messages about where society is headed, like in Brazil where the film tries to point out the flaws of a society that always follows procedure and fills out paper work. Overall the Sci-fi genre is quite varied often having films bordering on horror, thriller, action, or a combination of these and science fiction. What sets science fiction apart from regular fantasy films is that part of the movie world is build from science even if its not completely sound.

Sci-Fi film editing Edit

Sci-Fi films use a number of techniques to edit their film for the purpose of adding an element that can't normally be captured on screen. These Techniques include CGI, Green Screen, Man-Made sets, etc. While not necessary for some films, editing can be used to portray the director's vision in ways that couldn't normally be done. For example: If Steven Spielberg were making a movie about Dinosaurs, he would use CGI editing to bring them to life on screen.

Big Moments in Sci-Fi films Edit

First Sci-Fi Film (Full Movie:

"Le voyage dans la lune" (A Trip to The Moon). This was a silent film that was first released in France in 1902. It was a basic film simply about going to the moon.

First full length films (Trailer:

Metropolis. This film was released in 1927 and was considered by most to be the first full length Science Fiction film. It was a bout a futuristic city where there were two sections of social status that would eventually be said to be soon brought together.

First big movie with good stop motion (Trailer

King Kong. This film, the 1933 version, was amongst the first to utilize stop motion to great effect. Although not a huge step for Sci-Fi films it was considered a memorable movie and is preserved in at least one film society.

First Sci-Fi film that has a larger meaning than just its plot (Trailer:

The Day the Earth Stood Still. This film, which was released in 1951, was not only amongst the first to have non-destructive and even helpful aliens come to Earth, but also to carry a message. In this film the director put in many messages about humanity one of which is that humanity goes to war to often with itself which will inevitably end up with its doom. This was a big step for Sci-Fi films helping to make it a genre watched by more people.

First Sci-Fi film that was taken very seriously because of it use of drama (Trailer:

2001: A Space Odyssey. This film, which was released in 1968, created a great plot and used much drama to draw the audience in. Its production values were high and this helped to contribute its its overall reception of a serious movie.

First Sci-Fi block buster (Trailer:

Star Wars. The first film of this franchise (launched 1977), which takes place fourth in the series, grossed lots of money and although it technically did not take place in the future it helped cement the Sci-Fi genre on equal grounds with the others.

First Film to add Sci-Fi films to the family genre (

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. E.T. was released in 1982 and was about a boy that found an alien for a friend. Spielberg added this to his impressive portfolio of films by making a family friendly Sci-Fi film.


First Big film to use a big step up in effects (Trailer:

The Matrix. This film, released in 1999, introduced some new effects that would come to influence Sci-Fi films and increase their ability to create any scene with a realistic look.

First Big film to greatly utilize CGI (Trailer:

Avatar. This film, although not nearly the first to use CGI, helped show what CGI can do and was widely recognized because of the renowned James Cmeron's work on it.

Examples of Sci-Fi films Edit

Matrix, Star Wars, Terminator, Dark City, Donnie Darko, Flash Gordon, 12 Monkeys, Back to the Future, Brazil, Blade Runner, In Time, Interstellar, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Avatar, Transformers, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Alien, Prometheus, Planet of the Apes, ET, Independence Day, War of the Worlds, Battle Los angeles, Godzilla, King kong, "Le voyage dans la lune" (A Trip to The Moon), Metropolis, Forbidden Planet, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Tron: Legacy, Jumper, X-Men, The day After Tomorrow.

People involved in Sci-Fi films Edit

Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and J.J. Abrams are renowned directors of Sci-Fi films and have had multiple successes. These directors are known by the movies they have directed which include E.T., Star Wars, and Armageddon.

Citations Edit

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