Phantom Force is a 2004 TV Movie directed by Christian McIntire.

Plot Edit

Several centuries ago a boat crew sailing in the Aegean sea was possessed by a creature from a different dimension. Today, near Moscow, TV Reports that armed terrorists have taken a chemical plant and are holding more than 30 hostages. A special unit led by Marcus Dupree (Richard Grieco) is sent to Russia to solve the problem, but it ends badly. A few days later, Dupree is called by Jack Bavaro (Nigel Bennett), his senior officer, to rectify his failures. Dupree is asked to command a special submarine crew called Phantom Force. The Mission is extraordinarily delicate and complex, and difficult to explain because it deals with the paranormal: The Venture, a Russian submarine filled with torpedoes, went out of control and is now a ghost ship in the Aegean sea. It is believed that it's crew found the Hades Stones, an object with supernatural powers that is able to open doors to other dimensions and allow demons to invade Earth from them. The Stone, an unknown threat, is in the wrong hands can control all of humanity. Not without some reluctance Dupree accepts the mission and goes to the Aegean sea leading a team of parapsychologist, engineers, secret operation agents and the submarine team. Bavaro has recruited a Macedonian army unit under the command of Colonel Vukorov (Hristo Shopov) to increase mission success as they near the Russian submarine. Despite the Macedonian colonel's warnings over the danger the Satan Stone carries, the American team insists on retrieving the Magic stone. However, Bavaro is unaware that Colonel Vukorov has been chasing the Hades stones and it's extraordinary power for a long time...

Cast Edit

  • Richard Grieco as Marcus Dupree
  • Tangi Miller as Leanne Potts
  • Nigel Bennett as Jack Bavaro
  • Jim Fyfe as Ivan Cutler
  • Jenna Gering as Dr. Rebecca Weaver
  • Tyrone Pinkham as Joe Murray
  • Atanas Srebrev as Kyle Hudson
  • Hristo Shopov as Colonel Vukorov
  • Ivaylo Geraskov as Theo
  • Vlado Nikolov as Macedonian Officer
  • John Hanson as Admiral Gilliham
  • John Barnes as Advisor
  • Ray Hartbarger as General
  • Mark Watkins as Lt. Townsend
  • Jeff Rank as Spokesperson
  • Edward McDermott as Dakota Captain
  • Maxim Genchev as Captain
  • Andreas Rojas as Crewman
  • Robert Godsil as Weapons Officer
  • Jonas Talkington as Sonar Technician
  • Velizar Binev as Macedonian Officer
  • Ryan Spike Dauner as Pilot
  • Iskra Angelova as Reporter
  • Anatoli Nachev as Supervisor
  • Marianna Stanisheva as Woman
  • Velislav Pavlov as Macedonian Soldier (uncredited)